When I was growing up, I didn’t think that anything was more powerful than my dream to compete in the Olympics as a runner.  I loved sports, and I trained with 100% discipline.  I won my first state medal in the 800m at the age of 12 and in high school I was captain of my state team.  I won a gold and silver medal at an international competition in Singapore and I won medals in Malaysia the following year.


When I was 16, I cut back my athletic training schedule just for a year so I could have more time for academics.  Because of this, I gained a new circle of friends away from my athletic friends, and as I spent more time with them, it seemed like everyone around me was doing drugs.  The drugs seemed so glamorous and fun, and because I wanted to fit in with the crowd, so I tried them.  I started with LSD at my second rave and then I tried ecstasy because it was popular.  Speed was next and I was hooked on it after my first hit.  I wanted to be high all the time and my life after that was all downhill.  I quickly went from a naïve schoolgirl athlete to a regular user of speed.  Drugs took away any sense of morals that I had, and I became involved in shoplifting, stealing and other criminal activities.  I added marijuana to my list and I started skipping school.  Somehow, I still managed to graduate.  Drugs had so much power over me that I didn’t even care that I had thrown away my Olympic dream.  Drugs had poisoned my mind, body and soul.


I turned to heroin when speed lost its initial thrill and that's when I hit bottom.  I began having adverse side effects such as shivering, cramps, chills and vomiting.  I was no longer getting high from the drug – I was taking it just to feel normal.  I was addicted and I didn’t want to be.  I tried many times to detox off heroin by going on holidays, staying at home on pills and going to clinics, but all attempts failed.  The heroin was too strong and it had completely taken over my own will.


For three more years, I continued stealing and doing other crimes so I could get more heroin until the police caught up with me.


When they brought me in for questioning, I realised that I had to change my life or I was going to end up in jail, a psychiatric ward or a coffin.  I didn’t know how I was going to be able to change, until I saw a Christian TV program and was in awe of the miracles being performed. I opened my heart to the Lord and I accepted Jesus as my Saviour and my friend.  By reading His Word and relying on His strength, my life was changed and I beat my drug addiction.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to go to prison for the law that I had broken, but more importantly, God rescued me from the prison of drugs that I had put myself in.  He gave me the wisdom I needed to get control of my life.  Now I am a pastor, a motivational speaker in high schools, I work in prisons and I am married with three beautiful children.





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