We see a Church so large and influential, whose impact will be significantly noticed in all spheres of society.


We see a Church full of people who desire to know Jesus intimately and who hunger and thirst for righteousness; people whose hearts are set upon genuine, Christ centred, Holy Spirit filled worship where God will inhabite the praise of His people in a powerful and tangible way.  We see worship nights where people will be encountering Jesus so powerfully that time will not matter. 


We see prayer warriors raised and released in untold numbers carrying a powerful gift of intercession and prophesy;  we believe this will be a key to shifting the spiritual atmosphere of our Church, our city and the nations.


We see a Church who is intentional about creating genuine disciples, who will influence culture, have a prophetic voice, who carry wisdom beyond their years, who walk in uncommon favour, who will see unusual miracles and who have a great understanding of the Kingdom of God. .


We see all generations joining together in one accord, encouraging, building and edifying each other one generation to the next. The bible says in Acts 2:17, In the last days,' God says, 'I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.’  Each generation will have a part to play a significant part to play in building the Kingdom of God - but it will be the unity and the encouragement that will be the key. This will be something unique about Eternity Church.


We see many people saved by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Love of God.

These people will become mature Christians in a short amount of time because of the powerful annointing on Eternity Church to make disciples and the revelation  which will flow through the House.


We see an online prayer site that will become well known across Western Australia, where believers and non-believers will be drawn to put their prayer request in so that they can receive their miracle, their breakthrough and their answers to life.   We see that this is one way that God will reveal His kindness to people, which will lead many to follow Him.  We see this prayer site being a positive talking point in the media because of the thousands of lives changed along the way.


We see a Church which carries a mercy heart,  who are passionate about reaching out to the fatherless, the widows, the oppressed, the destitute,the prostitutes, the addicted, the prisoners and the poor.  We see a large facility designed to house, disciple, train and provide basic necessities to them.  We see a Church which will initiate a move of mercy which will sweep through our city in a way that has never been seen before.  


We see a large, fun, vibrant children’s ministry full of kids praising God, having a real experience with Jesus and knowing the Bible in great depths.  These kids will speak profound truths where adults will be amazed.  There will be a prophetic gift which will rest on this group of children.  We see a Church which is raising children to with an unshakable foundation in Christ and who the Lord is preparing to be the next influential leaders of this generation.


We see a whole generation of young people catching the fire of God

through passionate and undivided worship.  We see that God will raise up game-changers in the youth ministry who be part of seeing their schools won for Jesus.  It is these young people who will be the 'new breed' of young people who will unashamedly stand up for what is right and speak the truth in love.  It will be this group  young people who will be part of starting a revival in our city. 


We see a large and dynamic group of young adults whose passionate love for Jesus will be evident with their bold and fearless approach to the life and things of God.  They will carry wisdom beyond their years and will become pillars of our Church, pioneers of ministries, marketplace innovators and who will influence government because they have an unwavering faith that God can do all things. 


We see a large group of women coming together to worship Jesus, in Spirit and in Truth.  We see that the Lord will release a special grace and annointing to see many set free from bondages, brokenness and limitations.  Their freedom will be an example others, both locally and internationally.  There will be a unity in this sisterhood that will become well known across the nation, because of the vast difference in the type of women who join hands and hearts for the cause of the Kingdom.


We see a Church who will reignite the flame in the Indigenous people in our State and our Nation and where we will see many Churches begin in remote communities.  


We see a Church who the government will be calling on to answer their most urgent needs and who will have the wisdom of God to innovate and create solutions to social justice issues. 


We see a Church who is welcoming of all people; wherever everyone belongs. 











Sunday Services 9am and 11am  

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(08) 9440 6446

 PO BOX 313, Beechboro WA 6063