Eternity Church began in 2009.  Our 10 year anniversary celebrations are just around the corner where we will be celebrating the many wonderful acheivements made over the years.


Eternity Church is inspired by the legacy of the story of Arthur Stace known as ‘Mr Eternity’.


He gained this name and fame after converting to Christianity and spreading his message of hope by writing the word ‘Eternity’ in yellow chalk on the pavements around Sydney, New South Wales and Melbourne over a period of about 35 years’ form 1932 – 1967.


His life radically changed when he met Jesus and he wanted to share his experience with the world. His dream was to “shout eternity through all the streets of Sydney!”  And he was driven to make this cry a reality.


This one man, an underclass battler, reformed alcoholic and former criminal, inspired an entire city. Each morning Arthur would rise early, pray for an hour and leave home around 5am to go wherever God led him.  For hours, he would write eternity on the sidewalks of Sydney.  For more than 20 years, his work remained a mystery.  No one could work out who was writing this word, but it caused thousands upon thousands of people to ponder its meaning.


Eternity is more than just our name.  It’s our purpose.


Ecclesiastes 3:11 Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart.


God planted ‘eternity’ in our hearts. This priceless gift of ‘eternity’ is something we want everyone to have. The word eternity captures people’s attention. It prompts the most fundamental questions everyone asks through life: Why am I here? What is my purpose?  


As we focus on ‘eternity’, a life beyond here and now, our expectation is that we would experience supernatural healing, miracles, provision, favour, protection and more. 


Our vision is clear: it is to equip, mobilise and empower our Church in a passionate pursuit of Christ, and to reach and equip the unchurched, to see our cities won for Jesus.


The call of Eternity Church is both local and international, individual and together. We exist for this one purpose: to see our cities won for Jesus!


We are entering an exciting season at Eternity Church.  Time and time again it has been prophesied and confirmed,  that we are entering our best and most fruitful days yet.  We would love you to join us on this journey and become part of what God is doing in our city. 








Sunday Services 9am and 11am  

42 Mirrabooka Avenue, Mirrabooka WA  6061



(08) 9440 6446

 PO BOX 313, Beechboro WA 6063